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Grand Master Young Jin Park     Grand Master Chun Lock Park

     Hwa Rang Guan was founded in 1954 by Grand Master Young Jin Park, 10th Degree Black Belt in Swordsmanship and Tae Kwon Do (attained Ph. Dr. Level of Education). Grand Master Park was the first South Korean Martial Arts Movie Director as well as Martial Arts Director for Swordsmanship and all weapon techniques authority during filming. Grand Master Park made at least forty movies during his career as a movie director and his directorial accomplishments were widely received internationally. Some of the most notable movies were JinSi Hwang, Je Wa Man, Li Jang Seong and Vi ho as well as the joint Korean and Chinese movies SangYong Kuem, Dae Kuem Kuek, and Sam In Eui Kum Kuek.

     Grand Master Park’s comprehensive background in Korean Martial Arts began at the age of seven under the tutelage of his Father in Tang Soo Do and Kum Do as well as numerous Korean Arts. His Father, Dan Je broadened Dr. Park’s knowledge in teaching him the Korean calligraphy and Oriental Arts. He was also a self taught and gifted person and by the time he was 16 years old, Dr. Park entered Seoul University in Law School.

     In June 25, 1950, the Korean War started of which it completely changed Dr. Park’s life by the time he was 19 years old in 1951 in Kgue Je Do, South Korea. Dr. Park became an interviewer for the United States during the War and was befriended the great Korean-Chinese Grand Master Wang Se Chaeng. Dr. Park learned the oldest Traditional Oriental Martial Arts, studied and practices all the styles seven to eight hours a day before the Korean-Chinese Sabu Wang died (In 1951, Grand Master Chun Lock Park was born in Kgue Je Do while Dr. Park was working there). 
     Dr. Park was an avid Martial Arts Practitioner and solely discovered the old Korean Martial Arts books such as, Muyea DoBo  Tong Ji, MuKyong Chil Seo, MoWon Eui, Yeuk Guen Kyung, Jin Do, Jang Kam, Sam Kuk SaKi, Sam Kuk Yoo Sa, Ejo Hai Tong, Hun Ruen Do Kam, and MuYea Chung Ji.
     After his service in the Royal Korean Army, he established the Hwa Rang Guan Martial Arts School and earned his Grand Master Belt in Kang Won Do, Moo Doc Guan Kwan Jang. In 1961, Seo Dae Moon Dojang (Martial Arts School) in Sin Moon Ro - Jong Ro Ku, Seoul, South Korea was also established. A year later, Jung Ku Dojang and Myong Dong Dojang opened and personally taught his students in these schools. In 1966, International Tae Kwon Do under 45 Branch converged and Dr. Park became President and Founder of the Korea Tae Kwon Do Association. That year, Dae Han Hwa Rang Do Kum Bup (Swordmanship Association), Jang SaDong Jong Ro Ku was also personally founded by him during the early days of his career.

     Fast forward to today, Hwa Rang Guan Martial Arts Academy continues its teaching and philosophy as Grand Master Young Jin Park's son, Grand Master Chun Lock Park, holds pride in highly dedicated study of a combination of traditional Korean and Oriental Martial Arts. Our Grand Master Chun Lock Park, was fully trained in the Hwa Rang Guan style by his father Grand Master Young Jin Park at an early age in Masan, South Korea. In fact, he earned his way to a Martial Art Instructor at the age of 16. In the army, he served his country as a Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor for Special Force. Grand Master Park strives daily to pass this ancient knowledge of traditional Korean and Oriental Martial Arts to his students. 

​     All of us at Hwa Rang Guan take pride in providing a family friendly atmosphere, offering classes for adults, teens and children. 

How well you lead yourself will determine the level of your success -

in all areas of your life.” - Grand Master Chun Lock Park 

     We welcome anyone who wants to discover Hwa Rang Guan, from beginners to experts and to those who wish to improve and develop current skills to a much higher intensity. If you wish to become physically fit and gain an overall sense of physical, mental, and emotional well being, feel free to indulge yourself with the benefits of the many styles taught at Hwa Rang Guan.

We also offer special classes such as our Korean Swordsmanship and Ki Gong classes. Our school features a fully matted training area from wall to wall, specifically designed to minimize shock and absorb high impact on bones and joints during sparring and training sessions.

You are welcome to come and watch any of our scheduled classes or call to schedule an appointment to receive an Introductory Lessons. Contact us for more information at (703) 922-0003.

Dr. Park made at least forty movies during his earlier career...