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Kum Do [Korean Swordsmanship]

The sword martial art has developed along with five thousand years of history of the Korean race, and the use of the Sword has been designed, and its usefulness began to be recognized and turned and turned into a multi-functional martial art for guardianship, survival, and self-training

HWA RANG Kum Do is the traditional sword martial art that is handed down from and interpreted from the old form of the martial art from of the martial art from the modean view point also returning and reviving the Kumbup introduced in Mooyedobotongi, which is the best existing martial art related text book. i.e. Kum Do is way to discover a real human being through self-discovery in training through the communication between body and soul, by way of the sword martial art of HWA RANG GUAN  which means Korea.At the present moment,HWA RANG Kum Do, as the Korean traditional sword martial art that implies the core of the use of sword in Oriental martial art, has succeeded in popularizing the real sword training and is trying hard to introduce HWA RANG GUAN as a living martial art with the purpose of global zing the Korean sword martial art.

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Kum Do (swordsmanship)

  • Hwa Rang Kum Bup (Sword)
  • Bong Sul (Stick/Staff)
  • Sa Du Jang (Cane)
  • Fan
  • Special Self-Defense
  • Ki Kong: Become one with the energy.  Feel the peace and joy within.

Focus, Confidence, Respect, Coordination, and Self-Control